Denson Design

Audrey Denson has helped brand national political movements; luxury service providers; arts & artists, coaches and corporations.  With more than 25 years of experience, Audrey has helped individuals, organizations and movements of all sizes and budgets create compelling, identifiable public imagery. Her award-winning firm brings a hip and cutting-edge perspective to clients and has a deep history working with campaigns, artists and entrepreneurs in Washington, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and everywhere in-between. Her work, which has been featured in national newspapers and magazines, includes ad campaigns, web sites, billboards, direct mail campaigns, logo development, association and corporate brands, and publications of all kinds. Audrey specializes in creative work that shines through, infusing campaigns and brands with flair and energy that captures attention, wins praise and stands out. Audrey brings together clients’ visions and audiences’ needs in inspirational, one-of-a-kind campaigns. Her core philosophy– that creative partnership and inspired collaboration are the heart of bringing out the best in every project – is also the foundation of every client relationship.

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Imagine Media Concepts

Imagine Media Concepts is a newly formed design studio catering to professional artists, writers, motivational speakers, and corporate businesses throughout the United States and abroad. Formerly known as All About Eve Media Services, a premiere design studio that offered media design and production services since 2001. Imagine Media Concepts is based in South Florida, and has clientele all over the world.

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Impact Politics

Impact Politics ® is an award-winning political consulting firm for candidate and initiative campaigns, parties, advocacy organizations, and non-profits. We create and implement focused marketing strategies that are cost-efficient, memorable, and most importantly – drive voters and donors into action. Increasingly, we oversee and implement all of the online aspects of a political or advocacy campaign – from fundraising strategy and email writing, to online advertising strategy, production, and creative.

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